Novoangarsky dressing plant LLC
Adress: 663412, Krasnoyarsk territory, Motiginsky district, Novoangarsk village, 19, Prosveshcheniya street
Representative office in Krasnoyarsk::
Adress: 660077, Office 211, 14A, 78 Dobrovolcheskoy brigady street
General director:
Guriev Vladimir
an Executive Director:
Dzgoev Tamerlan
Head of Logistics Department:
Kupriyanov Aleksandr
Phone: 8-(391)-275-18-32
Deputy Director of Human Resources and Social Affairs:
Dallaqyan Elena
Phone: 8-(391)-226-65-50 ext: 2206


Representative office in Hong Kong

May 20, 2013

Novoangarsky dressing plant and Gorevsky mining and processing plant Group of companies  has opened its representative office in Hong Kong (PRC) NOKGroup.LTD

The mission of  NOKGroup LTD   is optimization of work with  lead concentrate consumers  in People’s Republic of China.

This step provides us with an opportunity to receive objective and latest information on operating plants of lead sector of industry. It will allow to condition the concentrate demand market correctly and to put actual figures into the future development projects of Group of companies.

NOKGroup LTD tasks include search for modern innovative treatment  technologies, high quality expendables necessary for Group of companies. Tasks also include close cooperation with PRC business in different areas.

Top management follows faithfully the Group of company’s basic development  strategy up to 2020. Taken steps allow to feel confident about the future of the company. Integration into world business will allow the enterprises to develop rapidly and this will be followed by increase in domestic economy development and international prestige of the Russian Federation!

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