Novoangarsky dressing plant LLC
Adress: 663412, Krasnoyarsk territory, Motiginsky district, Novoangarsk village, 19, Prosveshcheniya street
Representative office in Krasnoyarsk::
Adress: 660077, Office 211, 14A, 78 Dobrovolcheskoy brigady street
General director:
Guriev Vladimir
an Executive Director:
Dzgoev Tamerlan
Head of Logistics Department:
Kupriyanov Aleksandr
Phone: 8-(391)-275-18-32
Deputy Director of Human Resources and Social Affairs:
Dallaqyan Elena
Phone: 8-(391)-226-65-50 ext: 2206


About the company




Novoangarsky dressing plant, Gorevsky GOK Group of companies  carries out its activities within the Krasnoyarsk territory and the Amur region. The core business is development of mining and smelting productions. The Group of companies has assets of  different development levels: from Greenfield (zero stage) to existing production. The core production is mining and processing of lead-zinc ore of Gorevsky deposit. The Group of companies holds the license which grants the right  for development of Udereyskoe deposit (gold, antimony), Mogotinskoe deposit (silver, gold), both are in the early stages of development.



The Group of companies’ mission is to become a leader in mining of polymetals in Russia and CIS.

Two strategic areas are being performed to complete a set goal:

  • Increase in capacity at the operating plants
  • Search for geological projects that are able to meet the internal level of profitability.




Mining sector

  1. Gorevskoe deposit (Pb, Zn).

    Gorevsky mining and processing plant has the rights to develop Gorevskoe deposit in Motiginsky district of  Krasnoyarsk territory. The company is in top 5 of world leaders in lead-zinc ore mining.

    Production output and processing is 2.5 mtpy with prospects to increase it up to 4 million tons of lead-zinc ore. Market products of the company are lead and zinc concentrates. Developed deposit is unique for its reserves and ore grade. As of January 1st, 2013 the deposit’s  reserves (В+С1+С2 categories) are 114,14 million tons of ore, 7,42 million tons of lead, 1,83 of zinc, 5879,3 tons of silver.

    The deposit is developed in difficult mining conditions – the part of ore bodies is located under the Angara river bed and its development is carried out under the protection of a dike.

  2. Udereyskoe deposit (Au, Sb). 

    The Udereyskoe deposit is located in Motiginsky district of  Krasnoyarsk territory.

     Gold-sulfide and gold-antimony ores are mined from Udereyskoe deposit within the frame of pilot plant. It is planned to construct  a hydrometallurgical plant  (on the mineral resources  base of deposit) with production capacity 500 thousand tons of ore per year with chemical pure gold and antimony output.

    Approved reserves of Udereyskoe deposit,  (С1+С2  categories)  are: ore – 5,4 million tons, Au - 14732,8 kg, Sb 38407 tons. Resource potential (P1+P2 categories) is 20 tons of Au, 10000 tons of Sb. Exploration works are planned to be completed by 2015 with reserves protection in the State Reserves Committee. The construction of processing complex is planned for 2017.

  3. Mogotinskoe deposit (Au-Ag). 

    The Group of companies holds the license for geological study, exploration and production of reserves of Mogotinskoe deposit of gold-silver ores. The deposit is located in Tindinsky district of Amur region. License area is 29,6 km2. The resource potential (P2 category) is 7 tons of gold, 1500 tons of silver.

    The calculation shows that the current reserves are 300 tons of silver and the average content is 150 g/t. It is planned   to confirm the reserves under temporal conditions in 2013 followed by intensification of exploration works. 


Project activities

The enterprises of  Group of companies have a large volume of necessary scientific and production and project tasks which are being completed in close coordination with Russian project companies and institutes such as IRGIREDMET OJSC, RIVS, FGAOU VPO “Siberian Federal University”, Sibzvetmetniiproekt OJSC, Siberian ENTZ CJSC, Kranoyarskgydroproekt etc.

Output. Application field.

Lead concentrate is a raw material required for production of  metal lead and its compounds which are used in electrical engineering, production of explosive agents, accumulator batteries, paints, varnish, radiation protection, fuel additives, bullets, shot etc.

Zinc concentrate is a raw material for production of zinc metal and its compounds. It is used for precious metals recovery, steel galvanization, in metal industry, healthcare, electric engineering etc.

Antimony and its compounds are necessary to produce batteries, antifriction and type alloys, small arms and tracer bullets, cable jackets, matches, medicines.

The Group of companies output is mainly exported to China and Kazakhstan.

Social responsibility

The Group of companies is one of the major taxpayers of Krasnoyarsk territory: payments to the territorial budget are more than 1 billion rubles.

Gorevsky mining and processing plant and Novoangarsky dressing plant are township-forming enterprises. The majority of neighbor towns and Motiginsky district  population works in GOK and NOK getting stable and respectable salary. Rapidly developing own production the plant takes care of social sphere of  Novoangarsk village: new accommodation construction, school, utilities reconstruction, social utilities construction.

One of priority goals of GOK and NOK is minimization of negative impact on the environment: special purpose  ecological department is operating within the company.